Many 2021 Top Performers Have Been Cutting-Edge Medical Device Stocks… And Now Amazon, Facebook, and Google Want a Piece(1)

With An Analyst Price Target Giving BioSig Technologies Inc. ​​400+% Of Potential Upside(26), Can It Transform a Potential $625 Billion(2) And $10.7 Billion Market?(3)

Latest News: November 4, 2021 | BioSig Expands its Installation Base in Texas

“Medical equipment companies offer investors excellent long-term potential, especially if they can identify the prime companies to acquire. Several unique features make medical companies especially attractive, whether you are a growth or value investor.” (4)

Investopedia knows what they are talking about, and BioSig Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: BSGM) may be the very medical equipment stock to skyrocket.

In the past, many of our conversations have been about music, sports, or TV. Times have changed, and medicine and healthcare have more grip on our everyday lives than ever before. Interest and demand have skyrocketed in every aspect of the healthcare industry- especially the potential $625 Billion global medical device market.(2)

It has unequivocally sent massive shockwaves throughout the world. So much so that corporate juggernauts like Amazon.com, Facebook, Alphabet Inc., and Apple Inc. are all trying to get involved with medical devices.(1)

As a result, medical device stocks have themselves quite a year. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., for instance, ran 48.57% between its Nov 24, 2020 low of $507.22 and Oct 22, 2021 close of $753.58.(5)

Thermo Fisher also ran 41.16% from its Mar 05, 2021 low of $433.52 to an Oct 22, 2021 close of $611.96.(6) Stryker Corporation traded as low as $196.09 on Oct 30, 2020, and closed at $275.73 on Oct 22, 2021- a stunning 40.61% rally.(7) Meanwhile, Boston Scientific Corporation also advanced roughly 35.92% between its Nov 23, 2020 low of $32.99 and Oct 22, 2021 close of $44.84.(8)

Yet, a particular subsector of the booming medical device industry is garnering significantly more investor attention- cardio-focused medical devices. And we’ve seen stocks with that niche focus pop considerably. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, for example, ran 64.4% from its Oct 30, 2020 low of $70.92 to its Oct 22, 2021 close of $116.59.(9) Abiomed rallied 45.09% from its Oct 30, 2020 low of $242.73 to its Oct 22, 2021 close of $352.18 as well.(10)

BioSig Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: BSGM) is an underrated, under-the-radar, and potentially undervalued play that could very well follow in those stocks’ footsteps and with even more room to run. It has transformative technologies, strategic alliances, widespread acclaim, and a product that could help millions.

Essentially, it could revolutionize the way we treat heart problems- especially arrhythmia.

The best part? According to analysts at Laidlaw & Company, the BSGM stock as of its Oct 22, 2021 close, could have an astounding twelve months upside potential of 409.8%.(26)

Not to mention, net income growth is projected to be 39.3%, while net income growth is estimated to average 102.2% over the next five fiscal years.(31)

Beyond those eye-popping projections, there are several reasons to take a close look at this innovator ASAP. It could genuinely be positioned as that next explosive medical device breakout and flying right under your noses.

Reason #1 – Perfect Positioning To Help Millions In a Potential $10.72 Billion(3) Boom

Let’s talk a bit about arrhythmias.

According to the American Heart Association, arrhythmias occur when the heart’s electrical system malfunctions and causes the heart to beat too fast, too slow, or erratically.(11)

While figures vary, it is probably way more common and a much larger market than you realize. For one, Dr. Juan Viles-Gonzalez, M.D., an electrophysiologist with Baptist Health’s Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, estimates over 60 million Americans suffer from it.(11)


“Two of the most prevalent, complex and potentially deadly types of arrhythmias today are Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and Ventricular Tachycardia (VT). Ventricular arrhythmias account for approximately 300,000 sudden deaths per year in the United States alone. Catheter ablation is fast becoming a first line therapy, driving demand for improved technologies. AF is the most common arrhythmia affecting 33.5 million people worldwide, with as many as 6.1 million people in the U.S. now and expected 8-12 million by 2050. AF increases the risk of stroke 4x to 5x and contributes to ~750,000 hospitalizations per year. The direct cost of AF is approximately $6B annually; adding other indirect costs brings AF total cost to $26B.”(12)

As also noted by the AHA, increased awareness and better diagnostic tools could help these millions of patients. Results can potentially help a doctor decide if you need medication, a pacemaker, a defibrillator, or cardiac ablation.

Fortunately, BioSig Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:BSGM) exists and intends to make this happen while revolutionizing the entire process.

BioSig is commercializing a biomedical signal processing platform. Designed to improve electrophysiology (EP), BioSig’s flagship product, PURE EP, is the key to the kingdom.

PURE EP is a computerized system designed to reveal the full range of cardiac signals and provide physicians with signal clarity during procedures to address cardiac arrhythmias.

As of its latest press release on Oct 12, 2021, more than 70 physicians have completed over 1500 patient cases with the PURE EP System across thirteen clinical sites.(13)

Here’s the deal. BioSig has an enormous opportunity at hand in a Global Medical Devices Market that’s projected to reach $625.3 Billion by 2027 at a 6.3% CAGR.(2) Don’t sell it short either by thinking it could be limited to a Global Electrophysiology Devices Market estimated to surpass around $10.72 billion by 2027 at an 8.6% CAGR.(3)

It could also very well be operating within the rapidly emerging field of bioelectronic medicine, estimated at $25.11 billion in 2020 with projected annual growth of 10.27%. (12)

Reason #2 – A Potentially Game-Changing Product

As mentioned above, BioSig’s PURE EP device is a computerized system designed to reveal the full range of cardiac signals. All while providing physicians with signal clarity during procedures performed to address cardiac arrhythmias.

It aims to fill a significant need by(12)

  • Improving Signal Clarity Through Reduction of ‘Noise’ and Artifacts
  • Minimizing Need for Repeat Procedures
  • Preserving Important Clinical Information
  • Shortening Procedure Times
  • Increasing Confidence in Performing Complex Ablations
  • Offering a customizable user control interface for a better understanding of ECG and intracardiac signals

This could be potentially groundbreaking and XTalks sums up best the vital need that PURE EP could fill:

“The electrograms used today can be riddled with noise and artifacts coming from other equipment found in the operating room. Such a procedure can take up to six hours, potentially yielding what is referred to in the industry as a ‘dirty signal’ that’s indiscernible to interpret by many electrophysiologists.”(14)

BioSig’s PURE EP was developed to address unmet needs in a large and growing market. It also intends to deliver technology to improve catheter ablation treatments for arrhythmias, Atrial Fibrillation, and Ventricular Tachycardia.

“The system is intended to acquire, digitize, amplify, filter, measure and calculate, display, record and store electrocardiographic and intracardiac signals for patients undergoing electrophysiology (EP) procedures in an EP laboratory under the supervision of licensed healthcare practitioners who are responsible for interpreting the data,” as further reported XTalks.(14)

Furthermore, BioSig Technologies’ PURE EP boasts:(15)

  • A signal processing platform designed to reveal the full range of cardiac signals and provide electrophysiologists with signal clarity during procedures.
  • The ability to refine signal clarity by reducing signal noise with higher precision.
  • The potential to allow surgeons to work far more accurately, decreasing the probability of a repeat procedure and increasing procedure safety.
  • The ability to enable electrophysiologists to see more signals and analyze them in real-time.

Pure EP also combines advanced technologies and combines a range of proprietary hardware and software into a single platform. Its low-noise architecture, extensive dynamic range, and high-frequency bandwidth accurately capture the full range of cardiac signals with high fidelity. At the same time, customizable software modules and filters enable unlimited real-time analysis.(15)

It is also fully customizable and offers software modules and specialty digital filters, facilitating signal interpretation during mapping and therapy delivery.

The best part? As next-gen and cutting-edge as it is, PURE EP seamlessly integrates with existing EP labs and workflows. It is fully compatible and complementary with EP recording systems, mapping systems, robotic equipment, and multi-display panels.(15)

Is it any wonder why that….

Reason #3 – With Full FDA Clearance,(12) PURE EP’s Clinical Results Are Wowing The World- Prestigious Medical Centers Are Taking Notice

Since 2017, BioSig has had a noteworthy 10-year strategic agreement with the prestigious Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Ventures.(16)

How things have escalated since. More than 70 physicians have completed over 1500 patient cases with the PURE EP System across thirteen clinical sites.(13)

And counting.

The successful clinical use of the PURE EP System was led by two globally recognized leaders: Dr. Andrea Natale of Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute (TCAI) and Prof. John M. Miller of Indiana University. BioSig also achieved proof of concept validation through UCLA and has performed twenty-one pre-clinical studies at Mayo Clinic, MN, under Samuel J. Asirvatham, M.D., Mayo Clinic’s Vice-Chair of Innovation and Medical Director, Electrophysiology Laboratory.(12)

PURE EP Systems are also installed at Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center, Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus, Massachusetts General Hospital, the University of Pennsylvania, and Deborah Heart and Lung Center.(17) St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston(23) and Medical City North Hills in North Richland Hills, Texas(24) also recently signed on to evaluate it.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that demand for PURE EP has flourished. Simply put, it works and works phenomenally.

A multi-center study at Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, and Massachusetts General Hospital showed shocking clinical results. It was seen as equivalent or superior to conventional systems for 93.6% of signal samples, with 75.2% earning a superior rating.(15)

“In order for any new medical technology to be widely adopted and accepted, strong, prospective clinical study results are necessary. The results from the PURE EP 2.0 study clearly validate the clinical importance of our technology and position the Company for continued growth and success. We are grateful for the many physician investigators and research staff who participated in this study and look forward to continuing our clinical work to advance the field of electrophysiology and bioelectronic medicine,” said Kenneth L. Londoner, Chairman, and CEO of BioSig Technologies, Inc. (18)

See the full report yourself. It was recently published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology and is available electronically with open access via the Wiley Online Library.(13)

According to an analyst report from Intro-Act, PURE EP is “set to redefine intracardiac signal acquisition and processing,” with the data from the Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology showing that PURE intracardiac signals were statistically rated better than conventional systems on 1) overall signal quality, 2) confidence in discerning near field (NF) vs. far-field (FF) signal components, and 3) the clinical significance of small and/or fractionated (sf) signals. (Source 32)

Additionally, Intro-Act adds that the huge volume of data points collected by >1,500 procedures could enable BSGM to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its PURE EP System. 

“We believe the huge volume of data will provide the required inputs for feeding the artificial intelligence algorithm which can also help in optimizing the ablation procedure,” they said. (Source 32)

With PURE EP 2.0 Study Results anticipated to be released on Nov 18, 2021(19) watch out. The BSGM stock could dramatically heat up.

Reason #4BioSig Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:BSGM) Is Making Move After Move To Build Exposure And Explosively Scale Up

Those earlier mentioned prestigious medical facilities have taken notice of BSGM’s revolutionary promise with PURE EP. So it’s not entirely shocking to see that the company has made some eye-popping moves leading up to its big PURE EP 2.0 Study Result announcement on Nov 18, 2021(19). Moves to both build exposure and explosively scale up.

First and foremost, the company has continued to be invited to present its product at many of the most prestigious and well-known medical symposiums in the country, including the recently held 16th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias: Pathophysiology & Therapy (“VT 2021”) on Oct 15-16, 2021 and hosted by the University of Pennsylvania and New York City’s The Mount Sinai Hospital.(20)

This comes on the heels of its many highly-respected invitations presentations from this past summer, including the 2021 Stanford Biodesign New Arrhythmia Technologies Retreat,(30) the Mark E. Josephson 28th Annual State-of-the-Art Arrhythmia Virtual Symposium, the Kansas City Heart Rhythm Symposium, and the annual Heart Rhythm 2021 convention.(21)

BioSig has also made some big moves to scale up. It was announced on Sep 28, 2021, that it selected Plexus Corp. as its Manufacturing Partner. Plexus is a global leader in complex product design, supply chain, manufacturing, and aftermarket services and could significantly support the company’s growth.(22)

Headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin, Plexus Corp. counts healthcare and life sciences as one of its largest market sectors representing nearly 40% of annual revenue. Under the terms of the newly reached agreement, Plexus will bring to market PURE EP and develop a new product pipeline for BioSig’s subsidiary NeuroClear Technologies, Inc.(22)

In a discussion with the company, analyst Laidlaw and Company revealed that in addition to manufacturing, Plexus also intends to aid in the design and development of BSGM’s next generation products. (33)

“Our understanding is that Plexus also has committed more than million dollars of expenses upfront in preparation for the upcoming production of PURE EP and other products,” Laidlaw said. (33)

Laidlaw added “We view the news positively since Plexus as the manufacturing partner could provide long-term benefits to BSGM. Plexus is a major EMS and highly selective in choosing clients, while existing clientele includes many flagship MedTech companies.” (33)

Additionally, thanks to the Plexus collaboration, BSGM could potentially reduce its cost of goods sold (possibly with 20% reduction or from ~20% to ~15%) and shorten the time of delivery as well. (33)

BioSig’s recent appointment of global medical device leader James J. Barry, Ph.D., to its already stellar board of directors is also scary.(25) Already, BioSig was led by a team of experienced professionals and experts and overseen by a board of directors with decades of experience working with blue-chip brands and startups. As the company continues expanding its clinical footprint, this could genuinely take things over the top.

With all of these game-changing moves occurring since the summer, what’s next? Can BioSig finally angle to chase that Laidlaw & Company analyst target providing approximately 400%+ of upside potential?(26)

Reason #5With a $13 Price Target, Laidlaw and Company Could See 400+% of Potential Upside For The Stock…(26) A Tendency To Rally Rapidly Could Make BGSM The Value Play Of a Generation

The BSGM stock is well off its 2021 highs and record high of $12.43, which it reached on or around May 2020.(27)

Based on the potential catalysts we mentioned above and several other fundamental and technical factors, BSGM could be the value play of a generation and sitting right in front of your face.

First and foremost, this stock historically has shown the propensity to move explosively and quickly. As of Oct 25, 2021, the stock had a float of only 30.4M and more than ¼ of its shares held by insiders and institutions combined.(28) So when either positive potential catalysts or investor interest moves the stock, the moves are eye-popping. For instance, the stock moved 15.49% between Oct 20 and 22, 2021, between a low of $2.26 and a high of $2.61.(29)

Additionally, according to Laidlaw & Company, as of its October 4, 2021, analyst report, the stock could have a $13 price target. (Source 26) Do the math. Based on its Oct 22, 2021 close of $2.55, that could give the stock upside potential north of 400% (409.8% to be exact).

This came days after its September 28, 2021, after the Plexus agreement, in which it said “BSGM shares remain undervalued,” with the PURE EP system at an early stage of commercialization and a positive outlook for its revenue stream. (32) 

Intro-Act echoes this statement by calling the stock a “re-rating candidate” due to multiple value drivers. These include: (32)

  1. Impending hockey-stick growth in fundamentals, 
  2. Growing pipeline and installations, 
  3. Expanding TAM and the opportunity to tap the pacemaker market, 
  4. Best-in-class manufacturing partnership 
  5. Strong balance sheet 
  6. Significant insider ownership.

It shouldn’t be a shock then why, Finbox research forecasts net income to grow by 39.3%, and average 102.2% of growth over the next five fiscal years.(31) So watch out. We’re talking about a serious, serious value play.

Take note of the endless possibilities. The company has a stable balance sheet holding more cash than debt(32) and a rapidly increasing user base. Not to mention, the 14-day RSI and MACD Oscillator could indicate that the stock has touched oversold territory.(27)

You could very well be watching an undervalued stock with incredible upside potential.

To Sum It Up…

Stocks like BioSig Technologies (NASDAQ:BSGM) do not come around often. To trade at under $2.50 (as of Oct 25, 2021), with exposure to surging in-demand industries, along with validation from some of the most respected medical facilities in the world, is generationally mouth-watering.

We discussed some other stocks in the medical device industries that have had strong years. BioSig truly has all the ingredients necessary to potentially follow suit, and, shockingly, there’s an opportunity at hand to monitor this stock at such a potential discount.

It has a potentially revolutionary product that could change the course of how we treat arrhythmias. It also has quality leadership, and most of all, outstanding projected net income growth and potentially 409.8% of room to run based on its $13 price target from Laidlaw & Company.(26)

With Amazon, Facebook, and Google all wanting a piece of the medical device market, pay close attention to this under-the-radar disruptor.(1)

It could truly be one of the wildest ground-floor breakouts we’ve ever seen.

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